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About us.

Exceptional client experiences from the start.

Established in 2008, Ballista Consulting launched from a chance collaboration between its co-founders, Tiffany Buerk and Steve Kipp. At the time, they were implementing an Electronic Health Record for an organization they both greatly admired. After fifteen years working side by side as consultants and managers, they imagined Ballista Consulting - a company that would be known for quality, thoughtful collaboration, and transparency. A team that focuses on managing complexity, valuing and rewarding hard work, and bringing efficiency, diligence, and integrity to every engagement. A business whose ultimate goal is to ensure its clients' objectives are delivered right on target.

Making the connection

The difference
we make,

Our Team

We are confident and proud to say, Ballista is comprised of highly qualified and experienced consultants who have a track record of success and impact in many facets of the healthcare industry. Ballista consultants understand the nuances and operational implications of the work we take on. We employ passionate, credible, hard-working, and respected professionals who together comprise our powerful and success-driven team. 

Our Culture

Ballista is committed to quality, collaboration, integrity, and transparency in everything we do. We value our employees, clients, and community. We are committed to creating a work environment characterized by: diversity and inclusion, continuous learning and improvement, work-life balance, respect and fairness...and, of course, a little fun in all that we do. We encourage our employees to be as passionate about the communities we live in as they are about the work we do. Visit our page, Stay Informed, to read more about this passion.

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