Team meeting

Communications Consultant

As part of a major ambulatory EHR project at a large medical center, a Ballista consultant was brought in during the final weeks before Go-Live to prepare a variety of communications. Leveraging past experience directing acute and ambulatory EHRs implementations and communications, augmented by graduate studies in Medical Informatics, the consultant was able to bridge the gap between technical staff and the clinical and business services personnel of the medical center. 


Several essential documents were created during the engagement. Prior to Go-Live, one key deliverable was to create learning aides, which would serve as quick reference guides for staff using the new system. The consultant also collaborated with client and Ballista leadership to develop report templates for routine updates during the six-week implementation period.     


During the implementation, the consultant prepared key documents daily for different stakeholders and audience levels; including  hundreds of at-the-elbow consultants, Directors from across the medical center and Senior Executives. In addition, the consultant prepared trend graphs to provide a clear perspective on the progress of the implementation including Key Performance Indicators. 


The Ballista Consultant was able to compile, synthesize, and present the relevant information at the appropriate level of detail, so that any necessary mitigation efforts could be promptly activated.  The Project Executive and various Project Managers relied heavily on the consultant to ensure they were prepared to address any and all questions and concerns.